IT HAS BEGUN – “Walkers” Zombies Sighted right in Aurora Illinois!

 Story By: Nola “Sissy” Winter

‘Walking Dead’ fans, this is your opportunity to prove once and for all if you can survive the Zombie Apocalypse! For one weekend only in Aurora Illinois, August 11th and 12th you can find yourself in the middle of the Zombie Outbreak with only a replica M4 Assault Rifle to protect you. The Basement of the Dead, which is known as a world famous haunted house, will be over ran by Zombies and you and your friends will have to battle your way out! That’s right, you will get a replica laser M4 Assault Rifle with recoil action that can take out the undead horde; but only if you shoot them in the head! BE CAREFUL… if the Zombies get too close to you, they send out a signal that will count as a “BITE” against you. This is the most incredible, EXTREME Zombie Laser Tag Experience in the WORLD! When it is all over, you will get a score of how many Zombies you killed and how many times you were “BIT” to see if you survived. Find more information at . At the time of the publishing of this story, limited tickets were still available.